Thursday, 1 January 2015

Top 5 Highlights




This has been such an amazing year for me because I have been at home with my 2 children. I took an extended maternity leave when my son was born.  My daughter is 3 1/2 and a bundle of curiousity, energy, enthusiasm and imagination.  I love watching her play and listen to the stories she creates.  My son is 16 months old and imitates anything he can that his sister does. He is starting to talk, run, his giggle is infectious, he kisses everyone in his family all the time.


 I've started running again.  I tried to start running after I went back to work, after my daughter, but I got a really bout of vertigo that had me off work for several weeks. When I did recover and go back to work I seemed to get sick with anything that came into my kindergarten room.  I've been running weekly now since August and I hope to keep running when I go back to work in March.  I got back up to running 10 km and starting next week I am going to be a pacer for the next 10 km clinic at my local Running Room.


My daughter being old enough to start doing sports.  This year she ran her first 'race'. She did the kids run at one of my races.  I ran with her and she was so excited to finish and get a medal. She enjoyed going canoeing.  She started skating this year and is quite good already.  And next week I am taking her downhill skiing for the first time.


My husband.  He's my rock. He is so steady and reliable and takes care of the the 3 of us.  When other women complain about their husbands I just shake my head as if I agree but I don't because he is so wonderful I can only think of the littlest things that bother me that aren't worth mentioning.  He always finds time for me to go running and do all my crafting. I don't have enough words to say how wonderful he is.


Family and Friends - all my extended family and friends, no matter how often or how few times a year I see you, having you in my life is wonderful.

Happy New Year!

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