Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Past Projects: Green Sea Shawl

Since I've only started blogging recently I have so many projects that I've knit in the past that I haven't  shared. So I'm starting a series called Past Projects where I will share as much as I remember about the project.  I wasn't very good about keeping information about my yarn so I don't always remember what kind of yarn I used.

 First project I want to share is the Blossom Silk-Sea Shawl from the book 101 Luxury Yarn One-Skein Wonders. 
Yarn: Fleece Artist - silk/wool/seacell blend (I think)
It is a beautiful but easy lace pattern. 
I made this for my mom to wear at my wedding in 2008.  Turned out to be one of the hottest days of the summer so it didn't get worn then. My mom has worn it a few times to some of her dancing (my parent's go dancing at least once a week!) but she is always really warm so she doesn't wear it much.

This was one of my first lace things I knit and I love how it turned out!  Got me hooked on knitting lace things for sure.

I borrowed the shawl back from my mom a while ago to wear to a party. For some reason I haven't given it back yet. I've been wearing it as a scarf.

Doesn't it look great?  I'll give it back when she asks for it but right now I'm enjoying my hard work! Have you ever knit something for someone then acquired it back because they don't seem to use it much? 

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Slightly disappointing yarn shopping

Yesterday was the Creativ Festival in Toronto.  I was so excited to go and look at yarn and fabric.  I wanted sock yarn and sweater yarn.  I've gone to the Creativ Festival several times in the fall and had such a great time and seen so much inspiration.  The spring show was quite disappointing. There were only 3 yarn stores.  The whole venue was less than 1/2 of the size of the fall show. 

I wanted to get sock yarn and needles for the socks.  I was able to get sock yarn . . . .but no needles.

 I wanted to get sweater yarn for a Burdock Cardigan . . .but none of the stores had enough to make a sweater in a worsted weight yarn.  Overall not really worth going.

The good news: I got sock yarn that I love.  The yarn is Tough Love Sock by Sweet Georgia Yarns.  The yarn is 80% superwash merino and 20% nylon.  Colour: ultraviolet.  And best of all it's hand dyed in Canada

The last pair of socks I knit was over 6 years ago and I never work them.  The cuff was too tight to put on and the the gussets bothered my feet. I threw them out.  I do have a few pairs of socks I knit 10 years ago and I still wear them today but they aren't perfect.  I'll show them to you next week.
 For my birthday I got the book Toe-Up 2-at-a-Time Socks by Melissa Morgan-Oakes for my birthday and I have been waiting since March to get yarn and needles to start casting on for this method.  I think I'm going to like making 2 at the same time, being able to try them on and customize the sizing as I go up and casting off with Jeny's Surprising Stretchy Bind Off , which I've just learned recently and love how stretchy it is.

This is going to make my feet very happy!! Now I just have to wait for my needles to arrive in the mail so I can cast on for my 2-at-a-time toe up socks!  What is your favourite way to knit socks?

Monday, 21 April 2014

Schoolboy Vest - Finished

Finished this just in time for my son to wear it for Easter.  It is so cute.  I love the subtle colour change that happens up the body.  It fits him so well.

The pattern is from Tanis Fiber Arts and is available on Ravelry.  Ever since I saw this vest I've discovered the Tanis Fiber Art yarns and I'm drooling over them on the computer screen.  I will be buying some of her yarn. It just looks so incredible.  In the meantime I knit up my son's vest with yarn leftover from my Grey Star Cardigan.

Some action shots.  It was hard to get him stay still for some pictures.  I love how cute it looks on him.

Pattern: Schoolboy Vest

Yarn: Swish Worsted by Knit Picks (leftover from another project)

Needles: Size 4.5

Modifications:  Made the body an inch longer for the 12-18 month size.

Have you ever knit any pattern from Tanis Fiber Arts?  Or used the yarn?  The pattern was well written and I have my eye on more of her patterns.  I am certainly going to be saving money to buy some TFA yarn!

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Grey Star Cardigan - Finished

I finished my Icelandic Star Cardigan.  Blocked, ends woven in and stars embroidered on the collar! I love it.  The Knit Picks Swish yarn is so soft.  It is warm but not too warm for April and so lightweight.
Embroidered Stars
Pattern: Icelandic Star by Sara Hoadley in Interweave Knits, Winter 2009
Yarn: Swish Worsted by Knit Picks
Needles - 5 mm
My pattern details on Ravelry

I've been wearing it for 2 days straight. I have it on over my pyjamas right now. I will definitely be using the Swish yarn again. It is so nice feeling on my neck. 

This has been a fairly simple knit.  The colourwork adds interest the the knitting process with stockinette stitch in between.  I didn't enjoy knitting the twisted rib stitch on the edges but I do like how it looks. What's your favourite cardigan pattern?

Sunday, 13 April 2014

April WIP's

What do I have on my needles right now?  I meant to do this at the beginning of the month.  I'll try to do this at the beginning of the month from now on.

 1. Sunset Purse

Pattern: Tosh Purse 
Unknown sock yarn that has been in my stash so long I lost the label.
Needles: size 2.5 mm
One side knit on circulars all at one time

Decided I like knitting each triangle by itself better.  I'm seaming as I go so that I don't have endless seams at the end.

2.Grey Long-Sleeve Cardigan

Pattern: Carrie Cropped Flare Sleeve Cardigan
Yarn: Americo Original Copito Medeo
Needles: size 11, 8 mm
Original pattern is a cropped cardigan with flared sleeves.  I've made the sleeves with the lace inset but adjusted the stitch count so there isn't a flare to the sleeve.  I've had to rip out the bottom again.  I increased too much so it was too wide and too short.  Fortunately it's a bulky yarn to its going back in quite fast.

3. Grey Star

Pattern: Icelandic Star
Yarn: Swish Worsted by Knit Picks
Needles - 5 mm

I'm excited about how this one is shaping up.  I'm hoping to finish this weekend and still wear it through April and May on the cooler days before it gets packed away till the fall.

4. Fairisle Toddler Raglan Hoodie

Pattern: Toddler Raglan Hoodie
Yarn: Swish Worsted by Knit Picks
Needles: 4.5 mm

I saw this cute sweater set: CoolBreeze Collection
by Tanis Fiber Arts with an adult sweater and coordinating baby sweater.  I'm using my yarn leftover from my Grey Star sweater to make a coordinating sweater for my daughter. But the CoolBreeze Collection is going on my Christmas wish list.

5. Toasty Vest

Pattern: Schoolboy Vest
Yarn: Swish Worsted Knit Picks
Needles: 4.5 mm

I just had to get this pattern and cast it on as soon as I saw it on the Tanis Fiber Arts blog. I'm making it for my son for the few cooler days in April but then hopefully it will still fit in the fall.

6. Blue Hoodie

Pattern: Olive Branch Hoodie
Yarn: cotton yarn
Needles: 4.5 mm

This yarn used to be a sweater . . that I wore occasionally but it was really heavy.  The pattern called for 2 strands of yarn held together.  I decided to take the sweater apart and knit something with a single strand of yarn.  I've cast on for the hood using Judy's magic cast on so I don't have a seam.  I cast on a while ago just to make sure this would work and that I have a project ready to once I finish my Grey Star.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Oops I Forgot Pockets - Latte Toddler sweater part 2

After I took all those pictures with my daughter I realized I had forgotten to put the pockets on.  I knew the pockets would be her favourite part.

"Thanks, Mommy! I love my pockets"
I don't know how I forgot this part since they look so cute.

And an action shot . . . . just because!
Latte Baby Coat

Monday, 7 April 2014

Latte Toddler Sweater

Here is the Latte Baby Coat for my toddler. She was so excited to wear it she put it on over her pajamas 

Pattern: Latte Baby Coat by Lisa Chemery
Yarn: Princess Chunky
Needles: US 8  5mm

I made the 12-18 month size of for my 3 year old because her chest size is 21 inches.  I knit the body so it it 9 inches long and the sleeves are 10 inches long. Even at that size she has lots of room for growth in body and with some extra length in the sleeve I'm hoping to get full year of wear out of this one.

I think this is going to become go-to knit for babies and toddlers!  Next time though I'm going to use a nice natural fiber!  Had to get this one out of my stash.    I'm saving my money to stock up at the Creativ Festival coming up soon!  

 Ready for some springtime fun!

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Heirloom Blanket - Yarn-Along

Start of the Knit Version
Crochet Version
So I was browsing on Ravelry and I came across this Yarn Along.  Knit 1 Sqaure a month for a year and then you have a beautiful reversible blanket!  I would love to knit it in the yarn suggested but I can't afford it! 

I am recycling yarn from a crochet blanket that I knit years ago.  I've decided that I like blankets without holes in it!

Here is block 1.  Now it is already April and only 1 block has been published. I might have to start designing by own blocks.  I love the idea of the blanket being reversible and each block being unique.

Have you ever knit a blanket before?  How long did it take you?

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Sometimes How I Knit

This is me yesterday.
Sitting outside knitting because my son fell asleep in the stroller . . . and stayed asleep in the stroller.  This is a rare occurrence in my world. Problem was that is was only 8 degrees Celsius out. So at first it was fine but by 45 minutes my hands were getting cold . . . but I got a lot of knitting done!Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Button Band Issues - Spoked Cardigan

I've finally finished my Spoked Cardigan. I love everything about . . except the button band. For right now I've added in a grosgrain ribbon with buttonholes in it to stabilize the button hole side. But it's now very stiff. Re-knitting the button band would involve ripping out the whole sweater, as it is knit from side to side.