Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Top 5 Sewing Misses.

Sewing Misses

1.  Jamie Jeans - this version was intended to be a wearable muslin so I was anticipating having fit problems but thought I could make it work.  I've decided that the colour just doesn't work for me for full length pants so I've had no motivation to finish adjusting them.

2. Jacole Skinny Pants - the pattern is simple and a fairly quick sew for pants.  Whenever I wear these I feel like I have to keep hiking them up all day.  I've taken the waistband in a couple times and initially that  helps but I still feel like it doesn't work.  I made 2 pairs of these.  I made the coral ones because I thought the colour looked really trendy and I could pull it off.  Instead I just feel really conspicuous wearing them. I like the colour of the bluish grey ones.  When the weather gets warmer I might cut the legs shorter and make them capris and see if they are better then.  I also now know that I need to increase the rise in the back.  I squat down a lot while playing with my kids and when teaching kindergarten and if pants slide down when I crouch I won't wear them.

3. Velvet Disaster -   I used the Jamie Jean pattern again . . . because I had it and used a size up because I was using velvet.  I could get them on but they felt like a was wearing a vice when I went to bend down.  I took the side seam apart and added this stripe of black velvet.  My husband's comment was "you look like you are wearing velvet track pants" not the elegant look I was going for. These I am just abandoning.

4. Melly Sews Hi/Lo top - This is a great free pattern.  I tried adding a bit of width to it and ended up with the neckline being to wide.  It slides over to expose my bra straps, which I hate.  I am usually so worried about making something too small that I end up making my first versions too big.  I don't have a picture of this one.

5. Plaid Natalie Top - I was so excited about making a cozy plaid top for the winter.  I've made the Natalie top 3 times already so I knew it was a Tried and True (TNT) pattern for me.  Except somehow when I was cutting it out I added an inch to the front width and the same for the back.  I've been ripping out seams and adjusting and trying to save it.  I went back to the fabric store to get 1/2 m more of the same fabric and they didn't have any more! So I went home and thought more about it.  I found this shirt with a lace yoke.  I'm currently trying to fix the neckline by adding the lace yoke and a colour so it will match the rest of my family with their matching plaid shirts.  The pockets are terrible.  The collar is too big.  I'm not sure it's salvageable.

I don't dislike any of these patterns . . .  sometimes my fabric choice wasn't good, I didn't cut the pattern accurately or I need modify the fit just for me. 

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