Friday, 2 January 2015

Top 5 Reflections


1. Whenever I Can

After my daughter was born I hardly made anything.  I rarely sewed and I hardly knit. Pre-children I wouldn't usually knit unless I could sit down for an hour or more to knit.  Sewing, I would cut a pattern and sew it up over a whole weekend.  I've learned to sew and knit in such small segments now.  I knit a few stitches at a time.  I cut out one pattern piece at a time.  I don't set timelines on getting a project done.  I have several projects on the go at once that require various levels of concentration and energy.  That way when I feel like making something I can just pick it up and go with it.

2. Project Specific Stash

I like to buy fabric for a specific project.  I'm lucky. I live a 15 minute walk from a Fabricland. They don't always have what I'm looking for but if I keep checking back in different seasons I can usually find what I need.  The only fabric I do stash is flannel and knits . . . but even then I only have enough for 2-3 projects.

3. Sew What Makes Me Happy

I mostly make garments for myself and my kids.  For me because I like the fabrics and the patterns and making it fit properly.  For my kids it's sometimes a necessity. My kids are skinny and have long torsos.  For my 3 1/2 year old daughter I usually cut a pattern that is a 2T in width and 4T in length.  My 18 month old son wears a 6 month size in width.  For both my kids RTW clothing usually has to be taken in at the waist so I like sewing clothing for them that fits.

4. PDF Patterns Rock

PDF patterns are amazing.  Being able to print a pattern at home and get started is part of what really got me back into sewing.  I love the convenience of being able to reprint a pattern piece if I lose one (which I've been known to do).  If I cut the wrong size I can just print another one. If I want to make a garment for my mom and myself out of the same pattern I can print a version for both of us.  I like how most PDF patterns have detailed instructions and photos.  And best of all are all the photos from people who tested the patterns showing what it looks like on real people, not models like the big 4 patterns.

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