Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Top 5 Goals


I'm not really setting any definite goals for sewing this upcoming year.  I'm not sure how many energy I will have for sewing when I return to work and don't want to create any pressure on myself to do anything specific.

That being said I do have some things I would like to try in the next year.

1. Trousers/pants

Trousers that I can wear to work, that are almost as comfortable as jeans but aren't.  I'm on the search for a trousers pattern that has a higher rise in the back, slim fitting through the upper leg and has the option of a straight leg at the bottom.  If you know of one like that let me know or tell me you favourite trouser pattern.  I do have the Thurlow Trouser from Sewaholic to try.

2. Bras 

I've been wearing nursing bras for so long now I don't have any regular bras that fit anymore.  I was going to go and buy myself a really properly fitted expensive bra but then I saw a bra making class on Craftsy, which I bought instead and the fabric to make myself several bras.

3. Button up shirts

 I had decided that I don't like button up shirts but after making some non-buttoning blouses (Natalie Top) I've come the the conclusion that it's not the button up part that bothers me it's that for me to get a nice fitting shirt around the bust area it is usually really snug on my arms.  I'm interested in trying to make an Archer and the new pattern from Sewaholic.

4. Capsule Wardrobe

 I started thinking about/making things to fit into a capsule wardrobe.  I really like the idea of a capsule wardrobe.  Sometimes I feel I have way too much clothing.  I'm going to continue to try and make garments that will fit together.

5. Blog

 I think I will continue to blog.  I'm treating it more like a journal because I think only about 5 people read this, including my wonderful mother-in-law.  It's more challenging than I realized to take pictures, get good pictures, edit the pictures and then write a blog post.

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