Saturday, 27 December 2014

Top 5 Sewing Hits of 2014

Gillian at Crafting a Rainbow is hosting a reflection series called The Top 5 of 2014.  First up is my top 5 Sewing hits of 2014.

1. Julia Cardigan

I made a whole rainbow of these.  They are the perfect light layer for spring, summer and fall.  I wore them all the time in the warmer weather. I will probably make a few more again next year when the weather warms up.  If you haven't made a Julia cardigan yet you should.

2. Natalie Top

This is my third version of the Natalie top.  I like my green one and even my first blue one that I made but this floral one is my favourite.  I love the fit of it. It looks great with pants are a skirt.  I gave it a slight hi/lo hem so I'm comfortable wearing it with skinny jeans or cords.  I like that the sleeves have little tabs for having them rolled up but I also like rolling them down to full length.

3. Newsboy Hat

Cutest hat pattern ever!  I bought the adult and child version.  Here are the first 2 I made for my kids.  The pattern is reversible so it is fun to play with fabrics.  I also made a fleece lined one for my daughter for the cooler weather.  I can see myself making one of these each year for the kids as they grow.  My cousin loved the look so much she asked me to make one for her as.

4. Weekend Rambler Skirt

I do love this skirt, even though the front pockets aren't very big.(Here's more details) I've worn it this winter with heavier fleece tights and I will wear it in the summer as well. 

5. Family Button up Shirts - Kids shirts Lumberjack shirt, Men's shirt: Simplicity 1544,

These turned out to be the cutest things.  I had bought some plaid to make a shirt for myself (you'll see it under my top 5 misses) and had enough leftover to make a shirt for my son.  It is a bit fiddly to sew a button up shirt but so cute and somehow addicting.  I then decided to make matching shirts for my husband and daughter.  I've never sewn anything for my husband because he's quite picky about clothes so I was prepared for him to not like it but he does.  Aren't they cute.  My shirt was a fail.  I think I have a fix that will work but I didn't get it done before the holidays.


  1. Hello! Thanks for joining in the Top 5 posts! :) Where abouts do you live/teach? I'm in Guelph, so UGDSB... Your matching family shirts are so adorable!

    1. Thanks Gillian. I live in Ajax and teach for DDSB. I'm currently on an extended maternity leave and return to work in March. All of a sudden that seems very soon.