Monday, 31 August 2015

Favourite Baby Knits

I was looking back through some of my photos and found some pictures of some of the sweaters I've made for my kids and other kids.  I like worsted weight or chunky weight yarn. No fingering weight baby sweaters for me. 

Baby Bootah -  okay so this sweater is a Sport weight yarn.  And I love the sweater but after knitting this I resolved to knit baby sweaters out of heavier yarn.  The pattern is really cute.  It is fairly easy to put on a baby and stays on really well with the 2 sets of ties.  I bought a kit from Fleece Artist that had the yarn and the pattern.

Sweater pattern invented on the fly by me! I had this rainbow yarn with a homespun look (but a soft, acrylic feel) that someone gave me years ago.  I loved it and held onto it for years until was pregnant with my daughter.  I knew there wasn't enough on it's own to make a sweater so I did stripes on the body and the cuffs, adding in an acrylic white yarn to compensate for the yardage. 

 Baby Sophisticate Sweater - Free   this is a really cute pattern.  I'm looking at this wondering why I haven't knit this one more often.  My cousin and his wife are expecting their first child in November and I think I just figured out what pattern I will be using.

I have no idea what this pattern is.  There probably isn't one.  My knitting mentor made it for my son when he was born.  It was the perfect size and fit him from  6 months to 15 months.  She made it out of a cotton/wool blend, something I have yet to knit with.

Latte Baby Coat -Another great pattern.  Top down raglan.  There is a really wide button band which can be fun for playing with a textured stitch.   The pattern calls for a basket weave stitch.  I did seed stitch on this version for my son.

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