Saturday, 25 April 2015

Elsa Dress

My daughter was invited to a "Frozen" 4th birthday party!  I knew I wanted to make her dress, so as she debated between Anna and Elsa I looked to Pinterest for ideas.  I saw lots of great ideas but the more I thought about it the practical part of me won out.

 I first made her an "Elsa" top using the Zee's Tee pattern.  It has an option for a colour-blocked yoke.  I've made several t-shirts for her using this pattern so I knew it fit right.  I found a white, sparkly jersey to use on the top and the bottom blue is leftover from a pair of leggings I made for myself.  Now when she wants to wear her Elsa costume anywhere she can because she has a practical top to wear.

For the skirt I used a satiny polyester and tulle.  I just did a seam up the side and gathered the waist band.  I used more blue jersey for the waistband.  Quick and easy and it was done.  The only complaint I got from it's user was there was no slit up the side, "But Mommy, Elsa's dress is open here on her leg!" Yes, it is.  So I quickly ripped the seam up a bit and serged the edges.  Done.

When I made the top I attached some ribbon on the back so I could attach the cape there, more like Elsa has her cape as part of her dress.

But as I thought about it more I wanted my daughter to be able to take it on and off herself so I just made a loop and put velcro on it.  She loves it.  She loved the party as well.

I had hair extensions I put in when I got married so I quickly braided up a clip in braid for my dark-haired Elsa.

 Here is her hostess, Princess Anna (also in a handmade costume, done by her mom!)

 And off course Princess Elsa had to find all the eggs on Easter weekend!  With any luck, she'll want to be Elsa for Halloween and I won't have to be making another costume come October.

Have you made any costumes for kids?

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