Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Weekend Rambler Skirt

Even though I am home right now on an extended maternity leave with my children I do sometimes think about when I return to work.  One of the things I have been thinking about is developing a better work wardrobe.  I'm a teacher and when I return I will be teaching kindergarten to 4 and 5 year olds.  The past couple of years when I've been working I've gotten really casual with my wardrobe and have been known to wear jeans to work!  I would do that if I could all the time but we have a new principal at my school who is wonderful . . . .but I don't think I can come in wearing jeans and get away with it now so I am on a mission to develop a professional, yet comfortable, wardrobe that I can wear while teaching kindergarten.

The Weekend Rambler Skirt by Snapdragon Studios was the one of the first garments to catch my eye that I thought would really work for me to wear to work because it has POCKETS!  I have now seen lots of other skirts and dresses that have pockets and I am now never again making a skirt or dress without pockets.  I purchased the pattern from the Indie Sew website.
I love the details of this skirt.  I think it gives it some nice definition without being too dressy. 

For the skirt I used a mid-weight cotton fabric that I bought on my shopping expedition in Toronto this summer.

I also made another Julia Cardigan in a white sweater knit with a jersey band.  It's a great layering piece with this Skirt  . . . or jeans! 
Nice and warm for fall and winter. I wore this outfit all day while playing with my kids.  Functional yet professional for wearing to work! 

Now after finishing the  skirt I was really disappointed with the front pockets.  They are a really funny shape, long on one side and short on the other.  I couldn't fit my phone into the pockets so I ended up adding back patch pockets to put my phone in.  The front pockets sit really nicely and otherwise I love this skirt pattern so for the next version I'm going to lengthen the pocket lining to make it symmetrical and large enough to be functional.
Front Pocket -Closeup
Need a pocket for my phone (what the skirt looks like after being with my kids all day)
Front of Skirt

Back of Skirt with patch pockets added and belt loops.
Overall I do love this pattern.  I have the fabric cut for another one already, a brown corduroy and I'd like a grey one as well.

Over the next while I will be talking about building a capsule wardrobe for myself.  It's something I have been thinking about myself but I've been motivated by Zoe of the Tadpegs blog.  She's started a Capsule Wardrobe Community, which I've joined. So I will be posting about how my sewing/knitting plans work into building my Winter CapsuleWardrobe. 

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  1. Well done Christa. You're one clever chicken! I sew my own clothes too but I wouldn't venture to wear a belt, mind you, I would if I could! I'm a bit of a 'tunic styler' these days. You wear yours well! Congratulations!

    1. Thanks Jenny. I'm enjoying the quickness of sewing compared to knitting. And I'm really enjoying having custom fit clothing that I'm not adjusting all day long. I've become a belt convert for certain outfits.