Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Slouchy Cardigan Pattern by Heidi and Finn

Pattern: Slouchy Cardigan by Heidi and Finn
Fabric: rainbow jersey purchased at Textile King in Toronto

Size:  Cut a 2T in width and a 4T in length (she's 3 1/2)

Modifications:  Lengthened sleeve and shortened cuff.  In the first version I made of this my daughter didn't like the long cuff

So cute!  I love it.  Hopefully I made it big enough that it will fit again in the Spring.  It's gotten too cold here for it now.  I took these photos at the end of September.  I love making children's clothing.  It is so quick compared to items for me! And a bonus too because Heidi and Finn is a Canadian Designer.  I make a point of trying to support Canadian artisans. Do you try to support artisans in your country?

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