Tuesday, 3 June 2014

"Mommy, I want pink socks!"

I went to yarn store today to get 2 balls of grey Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino to give me enough yarn to re-make a tee for myself. I came out with this much.
My son got a hold of one of the grey balls already "sigh" untangling in my future

Claire, my 3 year old daughter, took one look around the store and said "Mommy, I want pink socks.  Can you make me pink socks?"  She then went and found every pink yarn in the store.  I found the sock yarn section and started looking.  The first pink yarn she found was Manos del Uraguay!  @ $25 a skein.  NOT HAPPENING!  I steered her towards the Sock It Too Me Yarn.  Rainbow coloured but with pink in it.
I figure I can make a small pair for her and some ankle socks for myself.  Yeah 2 for 1! But my daughter is a bad influence on me.

Then when we went to pay I was seduced by a sample knit.  It's a shawl/scarf/wrap thing, called the Striped Trap.  It's so fun!

It starts with a small number of stitches stitches.  You increase 1 stitch every few rows and stop when you run out of yarn.  The main colour is used for a few rows and the the contrast colour is used for another few rows and then you switch again.

All stockinette so boring but easy to do without thinking.  It will take me a while but I figure I'll finish when the weather is cold and be able to wear it right away!

So I learned in May that even though I have projects planned I am easily distracted by other knitting projects and lots of household projects.

I'm almost finished my Regatta Tee for the TTTKal . . . . it was supposed to be done yesterday but I had a pounding headache.  I'll show you by the end of the week.

Anyone else have an accidental stash building shopping trip this week?

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  1. Claire has very good taste! She is lucky to have such a clever mom too! They day you aren't inspired by all that beautiful yarn is the day I would worry about. Come to think of it Christa, every time I leave the front door it costs me money! What a great reason to stay at home and knit! Jenny, Australia