Friday, 23 May 2014

Sock Design

Can you wear shoes without socks?  I don't mean sandals.  I mean shoes and cute little shoes like ballet flats.  I see people wear shoes all the time and it doesn't look like they are wearing socks in them. 

I've tried that and I can't do it.  I have bought those toe/heel socks that can go inside your shoe but they don't really work for me.  I started thinking maybe I could knit a pair of socks to go inside my shoes, just enough that I feel like I'm wearing socks but you can't see them.  I started thinking about how to make socks like that. Top-down? nope, that won't work. Toe-up . . . still can't see how it will work.  Then I got my copy of the summer Interweave Magazine and in it is Sole-up socks! What? 

The patterns in the magazine are for regular socks but I think if I just knit the bottom portion . . . from the sole up I might just end up with some little liner socks for my shoes.  I'm going to give it a try.  Wish me luck.


  1. I think a lot of girls have the same problem, I do. This sounds like it might just work. I'm nearly ready to give up and just wear pretty socks anyway. I have a crochet pattern for for the top of ankle socks which I'm thinking of giving a go. You don't have to knit the sock, just crochet the top to make it, hopefully, stay up. I'm thinking I could just make them all in white and then dye them the colours I want. Mad?

    1. That might work too! The yarn and the sock fabric might take the the dye differently but it would be worth a try. I'd love to see a picture when you make them.

  2. Hi Christa, thanks for following my blog. I'm finding it a bit hard to navigate but I am hoping to get better. You can find me on Facebook: Jenny Melville - Knitting and Crochet @ The Red Brick Cottage. I post a few of my things on The Desk. Yes I think dying the socks first and then finding the yarn might be a better choice. I also have a Pintrest page. Happy Days.