Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Sirdar Bolero

I was asked by some ladies in Australia if I had assembled this Sirdar Bolero for my daughter and if I found it tricky.  This was about 2 months ago so it has taken me a while to finish it.  It's a funny knit . . . it could have been quite quick but I found it hard to focus on it and finish it.   The pattern is from the Jumping Jellybeans book from Sirdar.
It is knit in 2 sections. The top portion in the photo is the sleeves and upper back.  The bottom section in the photo is the lower back and collar.  If you think about this section as one long collar it is easier to see how it is put together.
The directions say to sew the sleeves first, which I did. (no photo). Then it says "attach raglan edge to straight edge of front"  What the patterns calls the front . . . I think of as the collar. This picture above shows the raglan edge pinned together ready to be sewn.

This photo shows the 2 pieces before I lined up the sleeve and raglan edge.

Once I attached the sleeve and raglan edge I just continued attaching the collar portion down around under the arm and across the back, under the right arm and then attached the second raglan portion and sleeve together.  I had my daughter try it on right now to make sure it looked right.
Front view with collar almost all attached.

The next instruction says "Join back neck border seam from markers C to C reversing sewing for turnback"    I started at the end of the sleeve/raglan join and attached the neck band.  I reversed the edge to join the 2 sections as they said but it doesn't sit flipped over on my daughter so I need to change it to right sides together.

See the stitching at the neck.  I need to reverse the stitching there.

Now that it is finished it is adorable.  It was a funny knit but I can see myself making her one of these each year as the pattern goes up to age 7.
It was tricky to envision how it was assembled but once I figured it out it went to together very quickly.  If you have any questions please contact me.   Thanks,  Christa

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  1. Thank you Thank you Christa! No wonder we couldn't figure it out. This pattern is definitely made for 'thinking outside the square'. We will now proceed with caution and your wonderful, very helpful photos. You have done a great job, it looks very pretty on your cute little model. I'll let you know how we get on with it. Many thanks again. Jenny