Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Spud and Chloe and Little Lamb

I finally finished knitting a few companions for Chloe.  I bought the book Spud and Chloe At the Farm before my daughter was born.  I knitted her the Chloe doll and she has loved playing with it.  I've been meaning to make some of the animals from it for a while and I finally finished them.

Here they are!! Spud and Little Lamb. 
Except .. . . Spud is made to the size of Little Lamb in the book and I made Little lamb even smaller by omitting a few rounds.  Why?   I wanted the animals to be even smaller than Chloe. My daughter loves them.  She's re-named them as the Mommy sheep and baby sheep but that's okay because I love to see her imagination at work.

Project Details

Yarn: various worsted weight yarns I already had

Needles: size called for in patterns, gauge isn't really necessary just tight enough to hold in the stuffing.

Difficulty: not extremely difficult, but quite fiddly to knit.  The body, head and legs are all knit separately, then attached together so there are a lot of ends to sew in.

Would I make more?  Yes, the sheep are very cute with the twisted loop stitch

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