Thursday, 23 January 2014

Two Week Sweater

It is cold.  Minus -18 C cold . .  with a windchill. Normally this would not phase me but with 2 small children (one only 5 months old)  I don't really want to take them outside very long. . . . and when I'm inside I am craving cozy warm sweaters!  I'm trying to make myself a new, chunky knit sweater in less than 2 weeks!  Can I do it?  Let's see.

Here is the yarn: Swish Bare Bulky from Knit Picks.  I dyed it using Kool -Aid - Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade

Here is what it looks like after I dyed it!  I was going for a kettle dyed look! I love the colour.

Here is my progress after 7 days. Yoke finished, armholes on waste yarn and ready to start the waist shaping.  7 more days to finish the body and knit 2 arms. 

What's the shortest amount of time you have ever knit a sweater in?

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